Smoke & 除烟味

环境净化公司是渥太华的领头烟 & 香烟气味清除小组, with over a decade of experience in helping clients get rid of nasty odours at home & work.

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Smoke & 渥太华的香烟气味去除

Our team of trained professionals can quickly and effectively remove smoke odour from your space leaving it smelling and feeling fresh. Whether you want to enhance your current home or clean a newly purchased home, Enviropure可以完成这项工作. 请于今日联络Enviropure,安排我们的清烟服务.

Smoke and cigarette odour can linger in your space for years if not properly handled. 许多家庭清洁方法可能只是暂时掩盖气味. Professional odour removal can ensure that the space is thoroughly cleaned, 所有的气味都被完全去除. At Enviropure we can remove smoke and cigarette odour from all spaces including:

  • Home
  • 办公/商业
  • Vehicle
  • Cottage
  • Boat
  • 餐厅/零售
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你的地毯需要清洁吗?? 寻找装修后的清理工作? 或者你只是需要彻底打扫一下房子. BOB游戏今天免费估计!

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At Enviropure we can handle any odour situation from minimal smells to decades of cigarette smoke build up. Our team of smoke odour removal specialists at Enviropure can help you reclaim a clean smelling home for you and your loved ones. 除烟不仅有助于改善你家里的气味.


  • 提高空气质量
  • 减少有害物质
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Carcinogens from secondhand smoke inside the home is able to stick to surfaces and seep into fabrics. They have even been proven to bind to dust particles and linger remain at elevated levels 两个多月后,在家里吸烟已经停止. Inhabitants can be affected by lingering thirdhand smoke by inhaling or swallowing dust particles and residual gases, 接触未清洁的表面和烟雾残留物. Evidence from recent studies show that thirdhand smoke can damage DNA and cells, as well as cause 暴露在辐射下的人的新陈代谢和行为变化.

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对待三手烟 & the Odour

You may think that thirdhand smoke in the home is only present when you detect that signature odour, 但这根本不是真的! Thirdhand smoke is easy to detect when you smell it on a smoker’s clothes, 或者在最近有人吸烟的房间里, but residual chemicals that linger aren’t so easy to detect and can be easily overlooked. Even a small amount of residual smoke can impact indoor air-quality and impact the health of people living in the home, 即使香烟的气味并不强烈. 我们的香烟气味清除服务, 我们治疗了气味的根源, 气味一消失就别停. We make sure any trace of cigarette residue is removed from your surfaces, furniture, 窗帘和你呼吸的空气. You can rest assured that your health will be protected from this hazard when we’re done. Contact us today to get rid of cigarette odours and residual smoke in your home!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to some of our frequently asked questions about smoke odor cleaning & elimination. 如果您有任何其他问题,请今天联系Enviropure.

Yes, we sure can! 你应该享受你的家——完全的、干净的、舒适的. For nonsmokers, there’s not much worse than smelling the stale, tar-like odor of cigarette smoke. Years of buildup can lead to a seemingly permanent cigarette or tobacco smoke odor (cigars, pipes, etc.). 这是你的新家,不是他们的. Count on Enviropure to get rid of that nasty cigarette or tobacco smoke odor throughout your Ottawa house or condo. We use state-of-the-art technology to neutralize smoke odors and make your living space yours again.

Enviropure is armed with years of experienced along with state-of-the-art equipment to help eliminate smoke odor in homes and other buildings. 我们理解经历火灾是痛苦的,甚至是痛苦的. 我们会和你一起清理的, helping to restore the premises – including neutralization of smoke odors. The last thing you want is lingering smoke triggering memories of the fire. 我们的工作人员将孜孜不倦地去除表面的烟味, floors, ceilings, walls, 家具和更多. We’ll inspect the premises beforehand to provide an accurate estimate of the job ahead; then do another inspection afterwards to make sure we’ve gotten all the smoke odor out of your home or building.

Most definitely! Cooking at home is not just a necessity for many people – it’s a passion. 烹饪带来了食物的气味,油味 & 油脂——以及来自厨房的油脂火灾和烟雾的风险. 适用于各种食品异味和烟味, 请使用Enviropure为您在渥太华的家进行一次深度清洁. 你是否准备在市场上出售你的房子, 刚买了房子还是只是想让你的家焕然一新, we can help.

When it comes to getting rid of smoke odor that’s ingrained in fabrics such as carpets, drapes, 家具和更多, 这要看面料的类型了, 下面的材料(如地毯或家具), 暴露在烟雾中的时间和强度, etc. There are cases where the carpet, for example, has reached or surpassed its intended lifespan. 也许是时候换掉地毯、地毯或窗帘了. In other cases, we are able to “rescue” the fabric with our smoke odor neutralization process. Furniture presents similar challenges; for extreme cases you may opt to replace or reupholster the furniture, 如果烟味中和不够. 然而,在许多情况下,我们可以从家具中闻到烟味.

我们强烈建议戒烟, for the benefit of the person who smokes as well as the health and well-being of the rest of the household. However, if there is someone still smoking in your home, your options include:

  • 坚持让他们在室外(或冬天在车库里)吸烟
  • 让他们在一个房间里抽烟.g. 地下室,并安装一个空气过滤器
  • 呼吁环保公司在渥太华定期清理烟味